A few lines on, in, AK

A few images from a recent trip to Alaska, where I tried to get what everyone who hasn't lived in the Alps claims is the best skiing in the world. I believe it could be true, a few days per year... but there should be an emphasis on the word 'few'. After many years in the Alps, I realize now that I am even more spoiled than I thought. Which is fine.

When it didn't look like this, it looked windy, for 12 out of the 15 days I was in AK. This is normal.

This line was noteworthy. I think it's called 5:30.

This wasn't bad. It resembles a lot of the terrain that is accessed by tram in the Alps. I.e., my backyard at home.

Tom snapped this of me on a soft spine above a couloir that went out to a ramp and all the way down to the glacier, which you can see on the right side of the photo. A few thousand feet of powder skiing.

Me, in the 5:30 couloir which is pictured above. Chalky, edge-able conditions.

I spent about $700 lapping this miniature section. In AK you can't always choose what you spend your money on. You pay, and then you follow. About $1400 per day, and $200 per run... so every run counts.

Supposedly, this had never been skied before. Hard to believe... but just in case, I took the liberty of naming it 'Just Leave', which is a private meaningless romantic joke.

Now, this zone strongly resembles the shit I like to ski. Note there are no tracks on it... maybe next time. More probably, something like it, somewhere else.

Not exactly the view from the bar, but just like the view from the bar, which is a view we got plenty of while it snowed.

I had plenty of time to sit around and take photos of myself. We slept just a few meters from where this was taken.

Stay tuned for some video.