Werk: Birdmen, The Original Dream of Flight

A couple of years ago, Mike Steen and I pondered the strange lack of a definitive documentary on the dream of human flight, and decided to do something about it. This film is the result of our efforts to tell the story of man's oldest recurring dream.

It is safe to assume that ever since man could walk, he has dreamed of flying. For countless millenia, birds have leapt from their perches and glided overhead, taunting and inspiring our relatively clever yet earthbound species. It has only been in very recent history that man has taken to the air, and through the modern practice of wingsuit BASE jumping we have now perhaps come closest to bird-like flight. Birdmen tells the tale of our quest to fly, focusing on the history and evolution of wingsuit flying.

We began this project in September 2010, and it will be airing on TV networks around the world in the summer of 2012. It can now be downloaded from several VOD platforms; go to www.birdmenthemovie.com to purchase or stream the film. The trailer follows:

Jeb, Noah, Mattt, Mike, Ellen. During the filming of Birdmen.