Japan Trip

All about Japan, below. But first:

Jackson Hole: This fabled bastion of hardcore freeskiing is... not the alps. I'll say no more, lest I appear spoiled. But it was good to finally ski there, a few days before I flew to Japan. Here's some of the terrain that they are most proud of, shortly before we slogged up to get it (the highest chairlift is somewhere behind the photographer... alas, poor souls! It's so sad!).

A couple of days after the photo above... Cherry Blossoms on the island of Kyushu.

We would have gotten exactly nowhere without Oka San (left). Unrelated: A Japanese election poster in Tokyo.

Zwei woche, fressen und scheissen, so mach ma.

This shrimp was, I shit you not, still moving. Loren San (pronounced Woarren San) high-grading his sushi boat.

Our quarters on Kyushu.

Two fools and a flying boat.

We did actually fly a couple of days while we were there. Gliding into the Aso Caldera on Kyushu Island.

Loren San and I broke away and rode the Shinkansen to Tokyo.

Tofu, clams, and seaweed. Washed down with sho-chu, naturally. Check out the random bottle of bud.

Above and below, in the Golden Gai neighborhood of Shinjuku. Tomoyo Kawai, legendary proprietress of the Jetee Bar, below. Simultaneously famous and underground, the fact that we found the Golden Gai, and then this bar with 7 seats, is hard evidence of our ability to manifest a beautiful future.

A walk on Fuji-San

A screen grab from video while on a gorgeous, but paralyzingly cold, flight.

Tokyo Town.

A couple of days after the photo above: Smith Rock, OR.

Photos, in order: Matt Combs, Dav Dagault, Liv Sansoz. Thanks to all!