Lost Arrow Spire

Lost Arrow Spire (above, at right). A pillar of granite that rises thousands of feet above the Yosemite valley floor. We climbed the tip of the spire from the valley rim and hung out on the summit for an afternoon before heading back to have a swim in the pool that you can just barely see in the upper middle left portion of this photo. Gunnar Jeanette took all of these photos, and for that we are very grateful - thanks Gunnar!

On a ledge near the tip, with Yosemite Falls in the background.

These photos are unrelated in the sense that they were not taken on that particular morning, but important in the sense that they illustrate some crucial aspects of Yosemite life, namely, the joys of aid climbing (at left), and the hunting of local wildlife for sustenance (using a 'carabiner capture' technique favored by climbers in the valley).

I arrived first on the tip.

Gunnar and Liv followed shortly after.

And returning to the valley rim, by a kind of tyrolean (actually a rappell to jumar ascent).