It's Spring! Winter News:

Winter. The process of waiting, searching for, and exploiting conditions to the best of our ability is a source of endless fascination. In terms of accessibility and concentration of ideal terrain, the European Alps may be the best place in the world to ski big mountains. That is, of course, a matter of taste - mine being distinctly European, Cascadian, and Alaskan (not in order).

This year has been 92% Alps, 5% Cascadian, and 3% Turkish (which was not quite worth writing about here, even if it was fun).

Not long ago I was out with the White Dot Skis Team, including Jeremy Nobis who was in Chamonix for a couple of weeks. Jeremy is an incredibly strong skier with a lasting passion for big mountains. We had some great runs. A few photos from one of our days out, below. All photos courtesy of Tim Barnett / ProGear  Skier: Mattt